Letter Cards

Simple and effective. Either chose from one of the templates below or 'DESIGN YOUR OWN' where you tell us what you would like.

You choose:-

  • Card colour

  • Card text (age/name/event/theme)

  • Greeting Message

Existing designs (with small tweeking) cost £6 and 'design your own' are £7.50.

Delivered FREE in the UK.

Letter Cards can be delivered direct to the recipient or back to you.

If you'd prefer your card to be sent flat with no folds (ideal for framing) please let me know in the message box.

Please allow up to 5 working days for any 'design your own' letter cards.

'Design Your Own' Creations!

Design your own cards are quite popular! You tell us what you want on the card and we'll create it!

Below is a gallery of some of the truly bespoke creations we've made just for you!  Can you work out what each person asked for?!



The letter cards in the shop are available for £6 - this includes minor tweaking with a name ad age or message etc..

You can change the colour of the card by using the drop down selection within each listing.  Some cards (mainly the football ones are only available in the one colour)