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English - Monday 15th June to Fri 22nd June - Days 51-55


Alex seems to write better with a pen, he said he doesn't get as much wrist ache.

Alex's draw for one of his made up Football tournaments.


121 with Rachel

(Jo - please be mindful that this lesson is via Facetime so Rachel can’t see what Alex is writing. He usually reads his answer aloud and then writes it down!)



This was NOT easy for Alex. 1) He doesn’t like animals

2) Doesn’t understand personification

We watched the BBC bitesize on personification but I don’t think it’s enough of an example for him to understand it.

I then asked him to think of an animal, the short straw was a penguin.

We then watched a BBC clip on Penguins.

As hard as I tried to get him to engage in rhyming words, he just doesn’t seem to engage in it.

This poem, albeit it 2 lines per verse is 60% me and 40% Alex. There isn’t any point me doing it all and sending it in to you, as that’s not helpful to anyone.

I don’t even know if it’s right?!


Alex worked on the prefixes :- sub, inter, super, anti and auto in May. (This work is on the blog)

He’s also done this week’s suffixes previously.

Unfortunately Twinkl is no longer free and I do not have a paid subscription to pull down any more work sheets. Angela dropped off the English work books so we’ll work through those.

Handwriting Practice


121 with Rachel


Alex had a go at the books you/Angela kindly dropped off so we’ll work through these.

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