• Nicky Cowell

Thursday 30th April 2020

Alex and his Dad competed against each other doing the ultimate times tables missing numbers Challenge last night!

Jonathan ‘paced’ himself and Alex took the win!

4minutes and 24 seconds to answer 120 questions.

Geography - Biomes

Well! ‘We’ has a go at this. Alex’s interest in this kind of topic isn’t too great but he did get involved with the BBC bite size and having a go at answering the questions! I helped him look up on Google the largest xx in the world. We used data from the powerpoint, WWF and an atlas we have.

I also got him to have a go at this exercise:-

Alex has been to California so he knew what the weather was like!

Alex didn’t want to draw anything so this was the next best option!

One thing he does like doing, is colouring! So I printed off an A2 biome map for him to key code and colour.

And Voila! A completed A2 coloured biome key map 🥳

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