• Nicky Cowell

Thursday 4th June - Day 46

121 English with Rachel

  1. Expanding noun phrases

  2. Grammar and a Punctuation Test

  3. SPaG Summer Term 1 Mat 6 Test

  4. Quick Reading Comprehension

Maths with Mum

  1. White Rose Subtract 2 fractions

  2. White Rose Fractions of a Quantity

  3. White Rose Calculate Quantities

  4. Collins book F&D Back To basics

  • Fractions

  • Halves and Quarters

  • Thirds and Fifths

  • Tenths

Ultimate Times Table Speed Test

Interestingly, when I took Alex back to basics, he struggled to answer some of the questions at first. I think he was thinking too hard! he got there in the end though! 😂

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