• Nicky Cowell

Wednesday 25th March 2020 - Day 3



Alex had a go at this grammar sheet. It's really obvious he struggles with confidence in English. He thinks he doesn't know the answers but seems to think he 'guesses' correctly!

Another reading comprehension card from the box. Again he got 4/5 questions correct. It's interesting how he completely misses what we would class as 'obvious'!

We played the Brain Box game again for about 10 rounds today!


If he could, I think Alex would do timetables all day long! He loves timing himself.

The 2nd level fraction sheet. Interestingly, he corrected himself on the last 2 on this sheet. He somehow worked out it wasn't right!

A bird flew into the garden and Alex insisted I send you a photo.... prepare to be amazed!

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