• Nicky Cowell

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Today was going to be a big challenge for Alex.

Recognising word classes and a ’free’ writing exercise to include at least one of the word classes I put on the list.

We started with watching a PowerPoint and guessing which word classes that words displayed belonged to.

He then had to sort words into relevant word classes.

We weren’t sure on a few so got the dictionary out!

He then enjoyed a colouring exercise:-

Using the dictionary to complete it:-

The biggest challenge was yet to come!

I asked him to write anything about one of his favourite topics, Formula One. He loves commentating so I asked him to write down his commentary using at least one word from these word classes:-

Admittedly, we haven’t touched very much on fronted adverbials but he did manage to add in direct speech (which he’s been learning with Rachel this week) and an exclamation. I left him to get on with it and he appeared with this!

I’m always proud of him and knew this could be tough for him but he cracked on and done it.

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